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Is this Real Life? Ok NOW?

15 Jun

Do you ever have one of those days that no matter how hard you try to focus, your brain says “NO WAY”?

Well that would be me today. I’ve done everything but work today. In fact I read all 178 pages of Stephanie Myers short book “The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner” before lunch. Which by the way was very good and a quick easy read. It’s free to read online and I recommend checking it out: http://ld-breetannerbook.libredigital.com/index.html

My mind is everywhere today. With Father’s Day approaching this weekend I can’t help but wonder, will this be the last Father’s Day that my husband will NOT be a father? We are really hoping to have some success this month now that we are officially 1 year and 1 month of trying to have a baby. Each month it seems like someone else is knocked up from just looking at each other and we are left here swimming in Ovulation predictor tests, cycle charting and doctors appointments.

Sigh… there I go edging on the brink of cynicism. Knock that off Midgey.

Anyone else out there had or having trouble trying to have a baby? If your out there I’d love to talk, sometimes I feel so alone in that department.  I do have faith in God that he will bless us with a child when the time is right, but can the “time is right” be right now? Is that to hard to ask?

Day 2 of weight watchers online has been going well. I’m looking forward to my first official McFatty Monday weight in next week. 4 lbs is the goal.. Will I be able to do it? I sure as hell hope so.



Well paint me purple and call me Barney.

11 Jun

Hi there, never in a million years did I think that I would be here online writing a blog as an anonymous person. I’ve had a blog in the past to keep up with family and friend events but never felt truly free to express myself.

You can call me Midgey, I’m 20 something that has the attention span of a 4 year old. I have the hardest time sticking to a plan
for more than a week and in result I have started and stopped exercise routines more times than you can “Sally sells Seashells” before you mess up. It’s not that I’m not motivated don’t get me wrong, it’s because my mind starts going a million miles and hour thinking “what if I did THIS instead, would I get better results?” And I just do this over and over again until… well you get the point.

I have a Husband, Dog and a Cat. No children yet but doesn’t mean we haven’t been trying, over a year now in fact. Be prepared for me to express my frustration with this matter from time to time, although I usually have a pretty good outlook on it. I am human.

I work at a desk for 9 hours a day, and when I get home from work the thought of working out, making dinner, eating dinner, doing chores and then going to bed to start the day over again can get a little overkill. We have a huge immediate family so we are always and someone’s birthday, graduation, or some random event (trust me there have been plenty). I just can’t wait until we procreate so we can add our child’s birthdays and events to the million we have a year with everyone else.

I read alot, between books and listening to music they are my escapes from realty when I need a break. I will admit now I am a Twilight Fan (hey don’t judge me) and I’ve recently gotten hooked on true blood. I do read grown up books though to I promise.

I plan to post multiple times a week and look forward to connecting with other like-minded bloggers out there.

If you have a blog that you think would gel well with my personality please comment I’d love to check it out.