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UP: It’s the time in between that really matters.

16 Jun

It’s been awhile since a movie completely catches me off guard.  In fact the last movie that did this to me was Marley and Me. I rented that movie right after we adopted our puppy last year and was thinking we were going to be watching a cute upbeat movie on life with a new dog. Boy was I wrong, I wont spoil it for you if you haven’t seen it but I was crying like I was 4 again watching Bambi.

Pretty much the same thing happened to me with UP the other night. Husband and I decided to watch this on our instant view on Netflix monday night because it looked like a cute funny movie, a good way to start the week. 15 minutes into the movie I was already crying. (NOTE if you haven’t seen this movie and don’t want SPOILERS stop at this point). The basis of the movie is a young boy meats his true love at a young age and they make a promise to go on this wild adventure when they are older and live on top of “Paradise Point” in South America someday. The girl Ellie had a book that said “My Adventure” where she had plans to go to this place with their house and what they would do and left several blank pages that said “What I will do on my adventure”….. Fast forward years later they get married and buy the old abandoned house that they met in, fix it up how they wanted it and started their life together. They try to have a baby and she miscarried after they finish the nursery. This was the point I started crying like a little girl. It was just so said, to see them both so crushed and defeated. Then you see them go through the rest of their lives until they are old always putting money in a jar to save up for their big adventure. Life events happen though, car repairs, house repairs, medical repairs and you keep seeing the jar being emptied which of course leads to them not going on their adventure. Then his beloved wife passes away at old age leaving the man feeling like he let her down because she never got to live out her dream adventure.

I wont keep going in great detail but basically this guys house is right in the middle of a modern-day city and they are trying to convince him to give up his house so they can tear it down and build a new development. He wont give up his house though because he thinks it’s all he has left of his wife and the life they had together. He then comes up with this plan where he attached thousands of balloons to his house and flies off into the air and heads to South America to live out his wife’s dream. Little did he know but a pesky boy scout type kid was under his house when he took off and despite what the man wants he has to let the kid in since they are floating in the air way above the ground. The whole movie from their on out is this giant adventure they have getting the house to Paradise Falls and all the mishaps along the way. His house is threatened several times and he risks his life and others to save his house more than once.  Towards the end of the movie he FINALLY gets the house to paradise falls, gets in the house, fixes the furniture and items where they belonged, sits down in his chair and opens Ellie’s book.. He opens it and gets very sad because again he feels like he’s failed her because she never lived out her big adventure dream she always wanted.  He flips to the page “What I will do on my adventure” and realizes that she filled out pages after that he didn’t know before… Pictures of their wedding, their house, picnic’s and special events together… Proving that she did live out her life how she wanted and that her life adventure was spending it with him enjoying their life together.  Of course I lost again her because he didn’t say anything, the music and the visual of what he was discovering was enough for me. It was so simple and beautiful.

Shortly after that he looses his house and I’ll save the end for you to watch but the boy says to him “I’m sorry you lost your house” and he says “It was just a house”.

This movie had such a special message to me and really touched my heart. Life is short and precious, we can’t take our belongs with us when we die. From the time we are kids to the time we are old is really just a blink of an eye compared to eternity in heaven. Spending this short time on earth with the ones we truly love is a blessing and even if life doesn’t work out how you wanted it too, that’s ok. Life is what happens when we’re busy making plans.

Watching this movie was great timing considering I was feeling pretty down about having issues getting pregnant. I may not be a mother right now, but I have an amazing Husband. He’s my best friend, the love of my life and I know that no matter what happens, the time I’ve had with him is the most precious gift God has ever given me.