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Getting Blamed for someone else’s crap (literally)

23 Jun

This post has absolutely nothing to do with this pictures.. I found it and it made me laugh, I love Epic Fail pictures. I have this sickness where I laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate or ┬ástupid things… also when something sad happens and I don’t know how to react I smile. I know I’m a freak.

I went to write a blog post first thing this morning and I was completely uninspired. ┬áNothing sounded appealing to write about that wouldn’t come across as mopey or whiney, yes it’s day #2 of this funk I’m in. So I sat here without any inspiration or creative juice on what to write about.

Until I went to the Bathroom.

Let me back track a little. I work in an office where there is only ONE single stall bathroom for all the woman in the office. 8 out of 10 times you get up to attempt to use the bathroom someone is in it. It’s incredibly frustrating but hey it is what it is…

Now on to the topic at hand, you know what I hate? Walking into the bathroom and it smelling like someone just took a giant dump. All you have to do is just go pee, and afterwards you wash your hands quickly while gagging at the smell. Then you walk out of the bathroom that STILL smells like shit and there is someone waiting outside waiting to use the bathroom. And guess who they think made that retched smell??? YOU! The innocent person that was just trying to go pee.

This exact thing happened to me this morning. It’s one of my biggest fears when I go into that bathroom at work and it already smells like someone crapped road kill and that someone would be waiting outside and blame me. I usually run out of that bathroom and back to my office quickly hoping and praying no one saw me exit. I imagine the person that did the crime smirking at their desk while I’m sweating bullets wondering if anyone saw me come out of there.

Anyone else feel the same way? Similar experiences? Or am I just neurotic?